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MANILA, Philippines –

If Rappler loses its license to function, it can choose to apply for blogger accreditation under the office of Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson for its continued Palace insurance, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said on Wednesday, January 17.

“They can also need to get accreditation as bloggers due to the fact they can’t keep undertaking their commercial enterprise as Rappler because that employer has, for all intents and functions, been declared void via the SEC,” Roque stated in a press convention in San Fernando, La Union, on Wednesday.

Roque reiterated the Malacañang position that the SEC’s order to revoke Rappler’s license to function isn’t an attack on press freedom, as it might not forestall Rappler’s journalists from “running a blog.”

Maria Ressa can retain to the weblog. Pia Ranada can continue to blog,” stated Roque.


The Palace official’s tone became one-of-a-kind from the day before, whilst he said Rappler newshounds “can preserve with their career” of journalism, even given the SEC ruling.

“So the factor is, you need to separate the company personality that was declared to be null and void, from the exercising of the career of journalism itself,” he stated in an ANC interview on Tuesday, January 16.

Roque himself had also stated then that the SEC ruling isn’t yet very last and executory.

SEC registration is a few of the necessities for membership into the Malacañang Press Corps (MPC). If Rappler’s papers are revoked, it will disqualify the information outlet’s journalists from the organization of Malacañang beat journalists.

In the meantime, the social media accreditation policy of Uson’s workplace states that it covers “social media practitioners who generate information and facts regarding the activities” of the Philippine president.

Under the coverage, bloggers will most effectively accept accreditation on an according to event basis, not like MPC contributors who’re given blanket accreditation.

However, it’s been the Palace practice to allow non-Palace permitted journalists and bloggers to cover presidential activities. In the previous case, they need to cozy a pass from the PCO’s Media and Accreditation and Relations Office to have to get entry to activities for media insurance.

Ideally, if this practice is determined, must the SEC decision come to be very last and executory, Rappler would not want legitimate accreditation to cover Malacañang events open to media.


Uson, whose workplace offers blogger accreditation, has classified Rappler journalists as “presstitutes” and has repeatedly sought to discredit and belittle the information organization via her weblog.

In November 2017, she wrote to Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, formally soliciting that Rappler is reclassified as “social media” to take accreditation using her office.

“Rappler, a web ebook that has no counterpart print or broadcast arm, is technically taken into consideration social media. This need to fall underneath the regulations on accreditation via my office,” she stated in her letter to Andanar.

Andanar, in an interview on Wednesday, stated he would watch for a very last selection on the Rappler case before acting on Uson’s request.

“I wish for Rappler to satisfy the necessities stipulated within the law and given by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They have the right to go through a process. They can enchantment at the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court or even repair it there with the Securities and Exchange Commission,” he stated.

“I will no longer even determine on that advice via Asec Mocha for now. Let’s wait for the selection of Rappler, what they do with a purpose to abide using the law,” Andanar brought.

MANILA, the Philippines – The Malacañang Press Corps on Wednesday, November 8, slammed the bid of Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to expel Rappler from the MPC by looking for its reclassification a “social media” entity.

The MPC launched the announcement an afternoon after Uson formally requested her boss, Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar, to reclassify Rappler as “Social Media,” which falls under her jurisdiction.


To this, the MPC stated: “The MPC and its affairs, governed with the aid of through-laws according to with the constitutional provision on press freedom, is not in any way below the control and supervision of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) or any authorities organization.”

“The MPC deplores any try to curtail press freedom and will keep to ensure a strong unfastened press, keep the public knowledgeable, and the government in the test,” it brought.

In her request to Andanar, Uson argued: “Rappler, a web book that has no counterpart print or broadcast arm is technically taken into consideration social media. This ought to fall underneath the regulations on accreditation with the aid of my office.”

“Because of the foregoing, I respectfully request that Rappler is reclassified and moved from Malacanang Press Corp (sic) to Social Media.”

Rappler meets the qualifications for membership to the MPC, as stipulated in its bylaws. The PCOO cannot unilaterally decide on the expulsion or reclassification of any MPC member from the business enterprise. (READ: FACT CHECK: Can PCOO reclassify Rappler as ‘Social Media’ beneath Uson?)

Read the MPC announcement in full:

Malacañang Press Corps Statement on PCOO Asec for Social Media Esther Margaux Uson’s notion to expel Rappler from MPC

The Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) is an impartial employer of newshounds from diverse information organizations assigned to regularly cover the Philippine President and Malacañang activities.

The MPC and its affairs, ruled by way of legal guidelines according to the constitutional provision on press freedom, are not in any manner below the management and supervision of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) or any authorities enterprise.

The MPC deplores any attempt to curtail press freedom and keep making certain a strong loose press, hold the general public knows, and the government in check.

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