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Meet Charpu, the Drone Racing Megastar Who Doesn’t Feel Like Racing

Meet Charpu, the Drone Racing Megastar Who Doesn’t Feel Like Racing

ARLOS PUERTOLAS MANEUVERS an X-shaped drone excessive above a grassy field in a La park, then spins it sharply to face the floor and sends it full-throttle into a suicide dive. Inches before impact, he ranges out the device, its propellers gnashing the grass like a weed whacker, and gently lands it five ft away. He is taking his hand off a radio controller and peels off a couple of opaque white goggles.

Puertolas is an aloof but unassuming Spaniard who stands about 5′8″, with a tuft of grey in his bangs and a hard chinstrap beard. In his day activity he’s a top animator at DreamWorks, however he’s in this park trying out a model designed in particular for him via the Florida drone-package organisation Lumenier. Higher regarded via his pilot name, Charpu, Puertolas is one of the nice drone racers in the international, respected for the freestyle hints—corkscrews, loops, and these suicide dives—he showcases in his YouTube movies. In “Left At the back of,” he steers a drone at accelerates to eighty miles consistent with hour through the concrete carcass of an abandoned hospital that pilots have when you consider that dubbed the Charpu Cathedral.

“When I commenced studying drone racing, Charpu was all around the Internet,” says Maurice Sallave, any other L. A. drone pilot. “I watched his films and notion: How the fuck does he try this?” So far, greater than 1,000,000 and a half of human beings have watched “Left Behind.” As extra humans buy drones—income within the US jumped from approximately 430,000 to just over 1 million from 2014 to 2015—they go browsing and find out Charpu’s movies. He has come to be the unofficial face of the sport. Lumenier sells two models bearing his name: the QAV210 Charpu Version and the brand new QAV-X Charpu Travel Knowledge.

Not surprisingly, the upward push in drone racing has propelled the human desire to arrange. Over the past two years, within the US and abroad, independent leagues have sprung up to collect the great drone pilots together to level competitive races. Ultimate year, a group sponsored by using Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross launched the Drone Racing League, a chain of races held at makeshift publications round america—the game’s equal of Nascar. In March, Dubai hosted the primary international Drone Prix, with 32 teams vying for a top prize of $250,000. Spectators watched the event in a stadium, while stay video from cameras set up on the drones played on large displays. In April, the Drone Sports Association announced a deal with ESPN for the network to televise the second one annual US Countrywide Drone Racing Championships, with $50,000 in prize cash. That occasion, scheduled for August 5–7 on New york’s Governors Island, was to be included live through ESPN3, with a more polished hour-long cut to be aired later. Scot Refsland, chair of the Drone Sports Affiliation, believes these are just the start. The Dubai occasion helped a number of humans envision what drone racing should come to be, he says—“the trifecta of e-Sports activities, racing, and digital and augmented reality.”

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Race organizers would like to have the game’s fine-acknowledged pilot on their rosters. however there’s just one problem: Charpu, the world’s biggest drone celebrity, doesn’t want to race like that. In reality, he finds it type of boring. Also: He’s simply No longer very good at it. “The time that I fly the great and have the most a laugh is while there are only a few human beings—5, four human beings,” he says, “And also you don’t have any strain.”

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