The bittersweet beauty of our emptying dams

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Lucille Barrett
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The Western Cape is in the grips of its worst drought in a long time. Sporadic rains and emptying dams have created a looming crisis. The province is parched. Chapped. And nonetheless a few don’t see the want to restrain their use of the precious water we’ve got left. Liesel Kershoff has taken it upon herself to spur action by using documenting the impact that this torrid season is having on the land thru time-lapse photography. Her imagery is painfully lovely, a final cry to her fellow South Africans to don’t forget each drop.


Kerkhoff has continually felt deeply connected to nature. Developing up she felt positive she could sooner or later turn out to be a flora and fauna photographer. After college she spent years exploring the foreign splendor of Israel, running on a flower farm. Upon her go back domestic she took a task as a secretary but didn’t remain lengthy. Kerkhoff had to be in the direction of nature. So, together with her sister, she commenced a fruit and vegetables keep in Caledon. images had come to be an afterthought.

It becomes her husband who years later gave her the movie digital camera that reignited her interest in imagery. After taking a domestic photography course and teaching herself thru books and online cloth, Kerkhoff bought her first DSLR digital camera. Landscapes naturally have become her obsession. So she was one of the first to observe the sickness creeping over the land because it commenced dehydrating many months in the past. She has been keeping tune ever due to the fact. There’s an eerie sense about this venture that should get us all wondering – and that’s Kirchoff’s aim. If her task results in improved consciousness and saving of water, she will be able to have reached her aim.

Planting For Wintry weather Lawn beauty
As gardeners, we appear to be under the effect that we want to close the e-book on gardening at seasons quit. If you have observed my weblog posts you know I do now not keep with that idea.

There’s no motive that our garden and Lawn should not be just as visually attractive within the Winter as it’s far within the hotter seasons. We clearly must take the time to plant for Iciness effect, in addition to summer time effect.

We might not be capable of having plant life in the Winter months but we can have stunning shades. The Iciness panorama, although lovely in its very own respects, may be very cold and mundane with the dearth of floral colorings.

There is usually a beauty related to a snow-covered panorama. How a good deal greater stunning it might be with a subtle touch of color. Happily, there are many exceptional ways to feature the touches of brightness to the Wintry weather landscape, making it simply as appealing as inside the summer time months.

The properly planned Iciness Lawn surely boasts many attractive functions the summer time Garden lacks. Actually we in no way tire of the colorful foliage and blooms of the summer Garden, it is one among natures most picturesque presentations. However, the Wintry weather Lawn is similarly as stunning and suggests a breadth and distance that adds splendidly to the attraction of the Lawn scene.

The bare branches in opposition to the clean Wintry weather sky and the vastness of the open areas, as soon as obscured by means of the foliage of summer, lend their personal diffused beauty to the scene.

Evergreens are among the maximum stunning trees and shrubs for planting on the Wintry weather Lawn. Their bright inexperienced branches included in snow are one in every of natures best etchings. The high-quality contrast of color can be breathtaking, in particular, whilst the evergreens are planted in areas they will be the most visually powerful.

All too frequently gardeners will plant evergreens round their homes, with the little notion of the most visually powerful location. We regularly vicinity them where they haven’t any risk to show their Wintry weather charms effectively. Evergreens planted for Wintry weather splendor are most luxurious whilst planted at a distance from the residence. On this manner, the stunning evaluation of coloration comes alive.


Every appropriate specimen of evergreen will present a stunning Wintry weather image on its own. but a good extra dazzling scene can be created whilst evergreens are offered in just the right manner. Why now not allow our evergreens serve as backgrounds in opposition to which to convey out shades that rival, to a point, the vegetation of summer?

Have you ever walked alongside the edge of a wooded location within the Wintry weather, to abruptly come upon a group of Alders? How shiny their spikes of scarlet berries radiated. The shade is as intense as that of a flame, seeming to radiate warmth via the Winter air. They go away the sort of strikingly visual impression we will envision it long after we have surpassed it through. Absolutely a picturesque scene, one we may want to without difficulty recreate and revel in in our personal Iciness panorama. The Alders scarlet heart, presented towards a dark green history of our evergreens, will make the Wintry weather Garden glow with terrific color.

The Crimson Branched Willow additionally provides a superb Wintry weather scene while placed in opposition to a backdrop of evergreens. The evaluation of coloration delivered out by every department seems as although chiseled from coral. The effect is visually remarkable!

A well-positioned planting of Bittersweet, with its clusters of Purple and orange contrasted towards a heritage of evergreens, produces an impact unmatched with the aid of many plants.

The Bayberry is another beautiful Winter shrub. Grayish-white berries are studded along its rich brown branches, retained throughout the Iciness months. Planted facet by way of the facet with the Alder, the effect is magnificently beautiful.

There are many different shrubs that show berries of blue, red and black. no longer as incredible as the ones of scarlet, they’re still extremely beautiful while planted for max visible enchantment. Combining these additional shades to your Wintry weather panorama will widen the variety of color and tone to your Lawn.


Next spring while you ponder the year’s plantings, don’t forget to hold a watch open for the coming Iciness. What is going to your landscape appear like when the timber are bare, snow blanketing the world in white? What wouldn’t it appear to be with an evergreen right here? Or perhaps a couple over there? And perhaps an Alder right here? Now you’re getting the concept. Do not prevent playing the Garden just due to the fact the times grow shorter and the weather turns colder. The joy of gardening is a 12 months-round pride.

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