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5 Best Tips For Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Fountain

5 Best Tips For Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is a perfect aesthetic feature for your backyard or garden. They can do wonders for you by enhancing the beauty of your place by providing an essence of tranquillity with its soft noise of falling water at night.

They are counted as a luxury and add value to your home, even if you are planning to sell your home. They come in various styles, shapes and sizes, select the one that goes with the exteriors of your house or garden.

Maintaining them can be difficult if you are not cleaning and checking the damage periodically. Here are some helpful tips about outdoor fountain maintenance:

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How to clean your outdoor fountain?

Cleaning your outdoor fountain is a bit of a challenging task since it is open to the wind, dirt, animals, leaves, rain and snow, depending on your geographical climate.

When you buy an outdoor fountain, make sure to choose the water features that can be easily taken out and cleaned. For example, you can take out the pump, wipe away any debris or build-up with a cloth. Hard to reach areas can be cleaned with the help of a toothbrush.

Check for wear and tear.

Outdoor water fountains are regularly exposed to sun, wind, rain and snow. Besides, it is usual for animals such as birds to visit frequently to the fountain, leaving behind unwanted messes.

Therefore it is vital to check the fountain for any wear and tear that could cause it to malfunction. Keep a check once in a week on any chips, pump malfunctions, breaks, or other types of issues that could cause improper functioning of the fountain.

When to clean your fountain?

Cleaning your fountain twice in three months with a brush and a mild detergent will be enough. It is important to keep inner and outer areas clean since animal waste, water mineral deposits, and algae build-up could cause severe damage to a fountain that has not been properly maintained.

If you are worried about the health and safety of the wild flocks that gather around your garden fountain, then choose all-natural cleansing products. When purchasing products and cleansers for an outdoor fountain, read the description on the bottle or online to be sure they’re safe to use around wildlife, pets or children.

How to keep it function properly for a long time?

If you want your fountain to work properly, then you need to check your submersible pump. The functioning of any fountain be it of any shape, size etc. depends totally on the fountain pump.

Maintaining indoor water pumps are easy as compared to outdoor pumps since they are more susceptible to getting clogged with debris blown into the fountain.

Keep algae in check.

The major problem you will face is dealing with algae. Regular cleaning for a few minutes can prevent the growth of algae, or you can choose to use an algae prevention product or cleaner that will decrease its growth.


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