Top 4 Maintenance Tips for an Armored Vehicle

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Owning an armored car is a fantastic experience. You are protected from unexpected assaults, dangerous attacks, bullet firing, and other unforeseen mishaps. However, just like any other vehicle, an armored vehicle demands regular servicing and preventive maintenance to perform efficiently.

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The maintenance of an armored car is usually more complicated and tough than regular vehicles. Due to the heavyweight of the vehicle, the chances of malfunctioning fuel pumps and dying out of the battery is quite high, which is why utmost care has to be given for such cars.

By implementing some basic maintenance tips, you can have your armored vehicles working in the best condition as always –

Tip 1: Make a Wise Purchase

Armored cars are usually on the expensive side compared to other cars, and planning to buy one for oneself should not be out of impulsion. It should be well-thought considering its repair costs that may arise in the future.

Moreover, to ensure there aren’t any surprising expenses and that the maintenance costs don’t burn your pocket, you must buy your armored car from a reputable manufacturer like Exec Armor in Canada that provides a wide variety of armored vehicles, including SUVs, luxury cars, and trucks. Every vehicle sold by Exec Armor is carefully designed and crafted to support the extra weight of protection.

Tip 2: Inspect the Tires Regularly

It is obvious to understand that the whole weight of every vehicle is on its tires. That is why the owner of an armored car must pay extra attention to it. To ensure that your armored vehicle always stays in perfect condition, you should keep a regular check on its tires.

Inspect your tires regularly and make sure they are entirely inflated; otherwise, it will hamper the life span of your car. Also, make sure that the wheels are correctly aligned, as mentioned in the user’s manual.

Tip 3: Check the Fluid Levels Frequently

There can be instances where your armored car becomes prone to spills, and when it is realized, it should never be ignored. These problems tend to take a worse shape when they turned a blind eye.

It is always recommended that you carry out frequent check-ups of liquid levels of radiator fluid coolant and replace it with cleaner fluid if required. Monitor the tank levels directly or by using gauges and rods and if it is running out of time, add more.

Tip 4: Look out for the Brake Pads

Exhausted brake pads and worn-out brake rotors are common if you have been using your armored car for a long time. You can identify this problem when you hear the sound of cries and jolts while stopping your car.

Such concern needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and repairs should be done immediately, or else you will face unexpected danger to the car and yourself.

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